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Keto and LCD Guide

Keto Basics

We’ve always been told that the primary source of energy for our bodies is sugar. Nonetheless, a more efficient source of fuel that is rarely utilized is ketones.

When the fats in the body are metabolized, they produce Ketones and the process is called Ketosis. These ketones are then used as fuel to power the body cells.

The purpose of a ketogenic diet is to eat in such a way (high fat, adequate protein, lowest carb) that it induces your body into ketosis.

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Shredded Chicken 30 gm KCal : 89 Carbs : 0 Fat : 3.3 Protien : 12.6
Mushroom 20 gm KCal : 4 Carbs : 1 Fat : 0 Protien : 1
Extra Cheese 10 gm KCal : 64 Carbs : 0.3 Fat : 5.2 Protien : 4
Malai Paneer 50 gm KCal : 144 Carbs : 1.2 Fat : 10.5 Protien : 8.5
Low Fat Panner 50 gm KCal : 75 Carbs : 2.8 Fat : 4.1 Protien : 6.3

Keto Meals (Low Carb, High Fat)

Low Carb, Low Fat

High Carb, Low Fat Meals

pure veg contain non-veg contain egg

- All our products are made from premium quality almond flour, coconut flour and flaxseed flour. Sweetners used are erythritol and stevia.

- All ingredients are measured in raw state

- No artifical food colors or taste boosters are used

Meal Programs


SFVeg SFEgg SFCombo GLVeg glEgg glCombo

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About Us

Eat-O-Keto (EOK) is a locally owned multi-cuisine nutrition based takeaway and home delivery café based on the concept of eating as per your daily macro needs. EOK provides an excellent combination of KETO, Low-Carb and Gluten free food to meet your macro needs and also delicious EATO food for people who want to go all out without worrying about their macros for your cheat days.

EOK offers all of this at value pricing and with elegantly designed packaging options. EOK is the answer to an increasing demand for quantified nutrition at an affordable cost.

EOK’s objective is, to promote macro based dietary pattern and reduce on medical expenses, deliver clean, healthy and hygienic food and inculcate the culture of proven quantified nutrition.

EOK believes in open culture and transparency hence encourages surprise visits by customers to our kitchen, for checking the food quality and hygiene.

EOK Think Tanks

Nupura Halbe

A fashion stylist by profession and an ardent foodie by nature, Nupura is passionate about not just food but also fitness. Nupura has a flare for cooking and love for baking, which she very prudently uses as her stress buster. Nupura is currently on a mission to help people lead a healthy and fitter life by preparing innovative food in KETO, Low Carb and Gluten Free options.

Chetan Shah

A pro at various sports, Chetan had recently quit his successful career as a sales and marketing professional after a 17 year stint in the corporate world. After years of thoughtful consideration, Chetan and Nupura decided to embark on their dream of opening up their own takeaway and home delivery café, to serve the people with healthy, tasty and quantified nutrition at an affordable price.

EOK Journey

Know more

Nupura being a foodie loves experimenting with food, but when she had a challenge of loosing her post pregnancy weight she started dieting. It obviously wasn’t easy to give up on food she loved, so she started researching & experimenting on how she can satisfy her cravings and yet stay within her daily calorie and macros intake. This is where the healthy junk came in picture.

While she was busy cooking her quantified meals and satisfying her cravings it was Chetan who stepped in with his experience on the challenges he had seen in not just the eating pattern but also the unhealthy lifestyle due to the nature of work, in the corporate sector. So, he proposed the idea of serving the fast-paced working community and others with not only nutritions but delicious food options other than just 'salads'.

This is how the journey of EAT-O-KETO (EOK) started!!!

We here at EATOKETO are now focused to reach out to all those people who think loosing or maintaining weight isn't easy ,who think its quite a trouble to gain only muscle or loose just fat.

Happy to help all those who do not have time to cook yet have some goals.

We will here have a platter ready for you to choose according to your requirement. We also suggest everyone to take professional help to find out your daily calorie intake with macros,

After which we will always be here to help you choose and serve you what's best for you.

EATOKETO believes in not giving up your cravings, for all the good food tat seems like a dream for those who have goals. We will make sure you get to binge on them

  • We measure each and every ingredient of the recipe
  • The recipes are tried and tasted
  • We use organic and premium raw materials
  • Our keto and LCD menu is completely gluten free
  • We take utmost care of hygiene
  • We have different set of kitchen equipments for veg and non veg
  • Any allergies should be mentioned before ordering